Excel Food Order Form With Names

Please do not complete these forms until you have made your reservation.

Christmas Food Order Form

All Christmas bookings require menu choices in advance.  Please complete the online Christmas Food Order Form first before completing the Excel Food Order Form below. Please use 1 form per booking.

Excel Spreadsheet

For bookings of 6 people or more.

This is to accompany the Christmas Food Order Form.  It is an Excel spreadsheet version of our Christmas Season Menu with columns to include each individual’s name and their chosen dishes (including the individual’s dietary requirements if necessary).  This is a great way to help your party guests remember what they have ordered on the day.

  1. Download this spreadsheet to your computer. Black-Horse-Xmas-Preorder-Form-2023
  2. Open your downloaded version and click Enable Editing.
  3. Fill in the spreadsheet with ALL your guests’ names and their individual menu choices.
  4. ‘Save as’ your completed spreadsheet to your computer in the name of your party booking.
  5. Attach this saved spreadsheet to an email and send it to info@blackhorseireland.com
  6. Print out a version for yourself to reference on the day.

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact one of our team on 01462 811398


If you are of the mind “the pen is mightier than the internet” please feel free to print out the form, fill it in by hand and  bring it with you when you dine to use as a reference.